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Hali Benson

Health Coach and Mindfulness Expert

After studying Nutrition and Wellness at S.W.I.H.A in Tempe, Arizona, I found myself immersing into the art of Mindfulness. This practice, like many others is tapping into the now moment, creating intention with every choice we have and using each moment to learn and grow. I use this practice when alone through journaling, while I'm meal prepping by being intentional with food, at work by creating a sacred space for clients, and in my home life by using my time with loved ones intentionally 


But, it wasn't too long ago that this wasn't always the case... after growing up in a hostel environment I recognized my need for external fixes to mend what was happening inside. There came a time where a mentor (and now, really great friend) told me that until I took control of myself I would never be content with-out. 



Health, Movement, Wellbeing

There is a saying and it goes, "If it's to be, it's up to me." That is something that I don't take lightly. If you were to ask why this quote? It stems from a deep root of control, but mainly from the recurring events that said YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!! With a terribly unhealthy relationship to food, to boundaries so thin you can see-through them... I knew that there were some changes I needed to make and no one else was going to do the work for me.

After beginning I realized this work that I was doing wasn't just one of mine, but it was generations of trauma and pain from my ancestors that I was dealing with. So, to start over with a whole lot of patience knowing that I was going to fail was helpful to begin again, and again, and again.

This is the story of us all, though it looks different and though you may not see it yet - you too have an underlying setback that is keeping you from losing weight, being in the right relationship, making choices that align with your moral. It's self-sabotage, and something that I've taken on to help others break-through. I love the cycle of change because it doesn't look like this beautiful upward journey as much as you would like, it's more of this windy rollercoaster till you make it to the top. But, that's why I am here... I am your encourager, motivator, friend, accountability partner, and some days, the one person who is going to tell it to you straight.


Mindful Mommy


Creating a practice of mindfulness in every area of your life helps you and those are you to show up as your most authentic selves.