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Hali Benson, Health Coach

Certified as a Nutritional Coach, Hali's passion goes far beyond the food we eat. Through a personal transformation of healing from food addiction, leaky gut and severe rosacea; Hali believes that all bodies have a fighting chance when we look from within. Humans have a cyclical pattern that can sabotage our chances to transform in the long run, find out how Hali broke the pattern and healed for good.


Specializing in Nutrition, Mindfulness and Yoga



Designed with you in mind, each service is crafted to honor the path that Blossom Health upholds, which includes a mind, body + soul approach to healing for good. 


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A Little Bit Of Client Love

"The great thing about Hali is that she has passionately practiced everything she preaches."

Aleigh Cook

“Hali has a spirit that burns with passion, and one of her many gifts is that she is able to see pure essence and divinity in others, and helps pull their most beautiful qualities to the surface.”

Abbie Gacke

"Hali has provided me with supportive nutritional advice throughout my pregnancy and now in post partum and taught me mindfulness practices to improve my overall health and outlook on life. She’s so intentional in her time with me as my wellness/health coach and friend. I truly appreciate her guidance!"

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